What it Means To Be Miss Utah, Inspired by Miss America Cara Mund

This blog post was inspired by a letter from Miss America 2018, Cara Mund on what it means to be Miss America.


  • More than a sash
  • More than a crown
  • More than dresses and shoes
  • More than photos and autographs

She is a servant to her state, her peers, her public, her organization, and her nation.

Some think that Miss Utah spends most of her days wearing heels and posting on social media, but the most important moments of her year are moments you probably will never see.


  • One on one conversations held with a new peer
  • Quiet moments spent carefully preparing every word said to an audience
  • Time spent on her knees praying not only for the strength to endure her year of ups, downs, and unknown trials, but for the ups, downs, and trials of each of her audience members as well as her sister queens across the state and nation

To be Miss Utah, you must first learn how to do these things without a crown.

It takes years of dedication, preparation, and thought. This is not just to prepare your body for the swimsuit competition, but to prepare your heart for the incredible souls you will come in contact with.

Miss Utah is not one person. She is the face of innumerable volunteers, families, and friends who have helped shape her into a leader.

She is fierce.

She is strong.

She is unstoppable.

She is a storm.

But most importantly, she is relatable.


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